Saturday, July 19, 2008

well here goes...

...another attempt at blogging again! Something always gets in the way when i try to start one. I think I must have about 3 blogger accounts out there that's been stagnant for quite some time--lol!

Anyway, with this new blog, I hope to be able to write a little something at least every few days on life's little happenings so that family, old friends, and new can stay updated. As well as give updates on my little etsy shop: --the whole reason why I want to blog again! I'm so overwhelmingly grateful for the response on my products that I've been getting from scrapbookers and crafters. Things have been flying out of my IKEA cardboard storage box faster than I can restock it!!! WOW! My etsy buyers rock! I was just saying to Eddie (my new husband) the other day that I would LOVE to work my home care nurse job part time only (even if part time only means just 1 day less a week--anything is better than full time). I'm working on this goal and have been using all the little spare time I have in making stuff for I've got so many ideas in my head and need to prioritize BAD so that i can get more new products up. Some ideas in the works are...1) a YES book (a nice little gift you can give your hubby for an anniversary, Valentines Day, just because you love him) that outlines all the reasons why you said 'yes' when he proposed--like the one I made mine for my wedding vows to him 2) more button combos and more but want it to be a surprise until i actually get it done. Here's the YES album that I was talking about (can be seen with my vintage dictionary button flowers as an idea):