Friday, November 28, 2008

christmas art journals are back

So they are back in stock!! The new ones consists of a new set of Assorted Christmas Button Flowers-even cuter than the first!

These guys are ready to be shipped! If you've preordered one, I've probably already sent you a paypal invoice. If you didn't receive it, please email me I'd like to send them out asap-I need to clear up space and make room for new projects! Thanks!

We've got my friend's dog for 2 weeks (another Golden and a border collie). Her Golden & ours have been sleeping with us on our small (yet so big) queen bed. This is them claiming their spot on the bed before we even had a chance to get in. LOL!

have a great weekend! -eve

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Kelli said...

Our two dogs like to sleep on our bed too. 1 golden, and 1 golden/spaniel and 2 humans don't fit comfortably on a queen sized bed, so they wait until the big human gets up and then the dogs get on the bed.