Saturday, December 6, 2008

i apologize

It's been another crazy week and I only had Tues/Weds off. Eddie's been hogging the computer too and was finishing his projects for school. He's taking a horticulture program and the first semester is ending. He's off to take his final exam and I finally have the computer again but now my camera's shot! GRRR. I did a few pages in my art journal was going to post some tips with it. I took the photos (even some photos from last year's journal for extra inspo) and I can't upload to my computer. It's telling me I haven't connected the device (my camera) properly but I've been uploading the last week with no problems. On top of it, I think something's wrong with my CF card too. I'll have to do some trouble shooting and I promise I'll post soon.

Hope your journal's going well. Please post a link to yours so I can check it out! Thanks for your understanding (seemed to be saying that a lot lately:p).

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