Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What did you do for Valentine's?

Me & Eddie are such an old couple. We seriously didn't do anything for February the 14th. I get so discouraged with going out because places are always so packed. Especially this year with it being on Saturday. Then there's Mylo. We end up feeling so bad when we have to leave him behind to go out on dates that we usually just stay in. Sad huh?

My brother came over in the afternoon and fiddled with our computer then left 2 hours later. When Eddie came home from work, he semi-watched all these chick flicks with me on the W-network (the end of Seredipity, then the Notebook then the Holiday). I've seriously become a tv junkie lately-it's disgusting! We talked about just actually spending Sunday together vs. Saturday.

Eve got real cranky Sunday morning and almost didn't do anything with the family. We did end up going for our hike to Lynn Valley in North Vancouver. We did this hike a few times early on in our relationship but usually in the summer. I almost wore just my runners but thank goodness Eddie persuaded me into wearing my hiking shoes! The trail still had snow in certain areas and I nearly pee'd my pants when going down the trail because it was covered with slippery ice all the freakin' way down. I was seriously squatting low and just sliding my way down each section (sometimes on my ass!). Eddie was having a blast and so was Mylo. Like I said, I nearly pee'd my pants. It was way too much excitement for me.

As if that wasn't enough-when we got to the bottom and was just walking along all fine and dandy, Eddie lets Mylo off the leash to play with these 2 dogs . Mylo being the typical Golden Retriever decides to go off trail and off this drop to get to the creek water and couldn't get himself back up. I see Eddie looking over the drop encouraging Mylo to run back up to us and then Eddie disappeared. About a minute goes by and I hear nothing. The other dogs' owner comes over asking if they need help. I'm thinking 'where the heck are they??'. I look over the area where they disappeared and it must've been a 10 ft drop-there was Eddie and Mylo all tangled in these branches. Holy crap. The rest seemed like a blur cause I stood there like a frickin' rock. The nice man hung onto a tree branch and pulled Mylo out then gave Eddie a hand. Apparently Mr. Johnson went head first down that dip trying to get Mylo. Luckily no one was hurt. So THAT was my Valentine's date! At least I got my car cleaned and washed as a gift:) Hope your date was a little more normal, fun and romantic. xo, eve


Kelli said...

So glad your guy and your dog made it out safe! We have a 2yr. old golden and it seems our life has forever changed. We also have another dog, golden cross and 2 kids that haven't had the same life altering effect that dog has! But I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Awesome post!!!! Just a super duper story...

I think you and Kelli need to read 'Marley and Me'. It's an awesome book about the owners and their golden retriever....

ps. We celebrate V-day with our kids. It's awesome.. We had a super duper one this year! Just us, at home, being dorks and making a fun dinner and well, having fun!

Kelli said...

We've never met. I'm your stalker. I first 'saw' you in the CK mag, then I went to a POTP crop in Twassawan almost 2 or 3 years ago. People were talking about why you weren't there, I think you were working. Our Linus needs all the friends he can get, his 'sister' can't stand him.

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