Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Since I haven't recorded anything here for a while, thought I'd make some random ramblings before I forget what I've done with the past 2 weeks of my life...
In the last 2 weeks...
-I have been obsessing over black tights. Had to find me a pair or 2 or 3 (4 including the pair my sister bought me heehee) and I did. I'm in love!! SO comfortable. Of course, had to buy some gum boots to go with them for the Vancouver weather here:) I also indulged in a few new tops (3 happens to be this colour). love.

-I have also been obsessing about laser hair removal and seriously need to make an appointment for a consult-will beat waxing/shaving! Has anybody had it done a long time ago and still satisfied with the results?

-I shipped and am caught up with all orders from my shop:) Hope you get your orders soon!

-I finished putting together the last bit of the Everyday Art Journal kits and even got to work on a few new items (also in shop now).

-I've been enjoying time with my boys. We visited the Children's Hospital Lottery prize home on the 23rd and bought 3 tickets for 100 buckaroos. I'm crossing my fingers! We'd take the money (instead of the home) and I'd go casual!

(Mylo gets excited over going to the mailbox cause he gets to carry the mail-so funny!)

(on our way to the Lottery home)
-I just realized that they made dirty window decals like this one! Dirty!

-it snowed on Feb 25 and again the last 2 days! Let spring come already!

Have a great rest of the week! Hope your weather is better than ours.


Kelli said...

I so wouldn't want to have to explain that window decal to my kids. Geez!
I would love to get lazer hair removal! My neighbour did and it was so expensive, and she wishes she had done it earlier in her life.

Rina A.W said...

Your kits are so adorable!
About the laser hair removal procedure, you need to do it more than once, and it won’t disappear
%100, but it’s worth the try! at least it will be reduced a great deal :)

Nancy L said...

Someone I know goes back for regular laser treatments so i don't know if it will ever be 100%.

The new goodies in the store are yummy girl. You know when the snow stops falling and when finally warms up, I will need to come on over and play with some the goodies. ;) OK? Maybe you can put me to work too. Tehehe.

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