Tuesday, April 14, 2009

lately I've been...

-practicing Bikram Yoga almost everyday. I bought a 2 week unlimited pass and have gone 10/11 days so far and am loving it!! Gonna sign up for a membership before the 2 weeks' up! Thought it was time to start taking care of myself again but didn't want the ordeal of shopping for runners, worrying about being bored of the same workout routine and feeling sore afterwards. So happy my girlfriend introduced me to it! If you live in my area, the Bikram Yoga Langley studio is having an open house on April 19-free yoga for new students!

-spending a lot of time with my girlfriend Yolanda (c/o Yoga)-miss her much these last 2 days cause she's working and can't go Yoga. She is seriously one of 2 of the sweetest friends I have. You know ones that make you smile on your way home after you've spent time with them? Love her to death! She's been calling me on days when she can't go to Yoga just to say to hi and have a nice class. So cute!
(a photo of us from May 2008)

-working on some new items for the shop. Can't wait to share! Not feeling very creative lately and trying to get out of it!

-watching Eddie work very hard at putting together my tax stuff and realizing (again) that I have a super sweet husband:).

have a good rest of the week! I'm on vacation from my 'other job' and trying to somewhat enjoy myself while working on shop stuff. -eve


* * * * * * * said...

Ok, I totally tripped out when I saw the words Bikram Yoga : ) I check on your blog here and there and today's update is awesome. I myself, started practicing last February. My studio had a 6 for 6challenge which I just finished on Easter Sunday.... (6 days a week for 6 weeks) and you get a month free! I started the challenge thinking I could use a free month, but I come away with so much more than that. I love my bikram yoga and am trying to recruit all my friends and family :)

Now that my challenge is over, I'm planning on going 4 or 5 times a week, and give me a couple of days to craft!!!!


Kelli said...

That's great that you love your yoga class! I know when I was doing it, I felt great and I know I should get back into it, I'm just trying to eat a bit better and get out walking more, which gets the dogs out, and really, they can't go to yoga, so this is better for us.

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Like Reading said...

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Susan said...

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