Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey everyone, it was brought to my attention by a loyal customer a week ago that a set of my mix embellishments were made into digital images for digital scrapbooking so I went and looked. True enough, the artwork was mine and I was nonetheless SHOCKED that someone had the nerve to do what they did! I contacted the shop who was selling the images of my work and this was the resolution:


I know most of you already know this but just in case (like in this incidence), please make note that I spent a lot of time thinking of these designs and making these items (when I could be using that time to walk Mylo an extra 3 hours or going to a double or triple Hot Yoga class haha) for your personal use only and not monetary gain as in converting my designs into digital images and then selling them as your own. You can totally send your artwork into magazines for pub *I'd love that!* or make cards/layouts for sale with them also-that's what they're for! Just please give credit to my shop evalicious.etsy.com. Thanks much for taking your time to read this.


Anonymous said...

What a terrible thing to go through. I just read the message board and hope that everything works out for you!

Keep creating your beautiful work!


Mona said...

Hi Eve.

What a mess!! It is so important to respect the work of others, even though this online/ digital buisness can bee a bit confusing.

A very sad story for all involved!!

I love your new stuff and are so looking forward to show it to the danich people i june on A little bird told me!!

Take care now, girl!


Unknown said...

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