Tuesday, July 21, 2009

TODAY i...

1. went to yoga
2. drove out to North Van and got chipboard/papers cut. Neil the owner at Centennial Bookbinding is super nice!
3. took Mylo to the dog park
4. sorted through the items for a new kit:).
5. Ate dinner that Eddie made (again)
6. took Mylo to Whiterock beach to swim (we didn't go yesterday cause we were too indecisive)
7. got poked fun at by my husband cause I told him i was actually comfortable in this heat (WHAT?! not my fault i'm more tolerant of it. I'm still trying to persuade him to take a class with me:P)

So I heard back from the ebay lady and looks like I'll get a Gocco replacement. I hope I get it in time to use it (crossing fingers) for the upcoming art journal. Looks like I'll have to hold off on the other travel album for a later date. I really don't want to cause it's a really cute idea and I can't wait to share but it keeps getting put off later and later.

So guess I'll "see" y'all again on the weekend cause I'm going back to work again for a few days. Before I go, thought i'd share this cute photo take with my iphone one morning.

This happens way too frequently. He can't wait to hop into my spot on our bed as soon as I leave it in the morning AND place his HEAD on my PILLOW!! Priceless:).


Anonymous said...

LOL i know that to, my dog does that same thing ;)

Kelli said...

Is he under the covers too? Both our dogs hop up after hubby leaves for work. It's pretty crowded with me, the Golden and the mixed Golden.

Kelli said...

I just had to google Gocco and that's so neat! I watched the youtube video on how to use it!
Can you buy the bulbs locally or will you have to buy them on-line?