Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what's new

I've been addicted to and always craving yummy bbq fish with lots of sundried tomato sauce on top ever since we had it at my friend Karen's. Eddie bought this sundried tomato sauce in a jar and it's to die for! This was dinner on Sunday night. I was happy:).

Our splurge purchase for the summer-a portable bbq that really doesn't look very portable for $199.

We had a little family day yesterday. That usually includes making a few stops for Eve to gather craft stuff. A happy wife, afterall, is a happy life (a saying I once read on a Stampin' Up! stamp). I bought me these at a local fabric store...

So can't wait to use them to make more fabric art journals. Yes, the bottom 3 fabrics are actually Basic Grey Figgy Pudding! I gasped when I saw them and had to get a few for Christmas fabric art journals.

Went back to Allouette Lake in Maple Ridge to take Mylo swimming.

Eddie being super silly (pretending to be Mylo).

Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant then went to a LSS. Would you believe that new Christmas stuff are out already?? So cool! I gathered a few things and can't wait to use them for embellishments for the shop:).

Was just told by the owner at Langley Bikram Yoga that it's possible for me to continue with Bikram Yoga all the way to delivery (if I was pregnant) because I've been practicing regularly (not recommended if I wasn't practicing ++ before being pregnant). This is exciting news for me since my body's been so dependent on it to feel right:). So cool I won't have to give it up once pregnant. We might start trying next year:).

Just finished bagging up a few more of these. Gonna go pack orders now, go post office and relax! Have a grest rest of the week. xo, eve


Anonymous said...

our dog love the water too, maybe we will go to the beach today :)
sounds good with the yoga and that you can contunie if you get pregnant :)

Unknown said...

Hey Eve, i used some of your button-embellies on one of my newest projects, a mini about my favourite music: look here:
Thank you so much, and i hope to order soon new stuff from you!
Greetings from Germany sends

Kelli said...

Love the fabric! I've bought some BG stuff, but not much is available here.