Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Art Journal Waitlist People & Question

You're on my waitlist (sorry so not alphabetized - just in the order they were received):

Marianne L
Laila O
Marjolein K
Blanche W
Ashley S
Annette M,
Chiara F
Kelly B
Raven E
Denise C
Kim S
Betsy S
Lori P
Jen K,
Kris G,
Tania S. from Australia,
Barbara D,
Camille C,
Kristi W,
Melissa K,
Tricia D,
Cindy from TX,
Leslie W,
Elizabeth N,
Tanja K,
Tiffany M,
Crystal M,
Brenda A,
Valerie O,
Nicole H,
sandy d,
Jenn H,
Heather S,
Dina K,
Nadine from Singapore,
Jennifer M from ON,
Holly B,
Georgette Y,
Suzan T-Z,
Kim J,
Amber P,
Kim A-G,
Sue T,
Melissa E-S,
Gina F,
Katie C,
Sarah S,
Joyce A,
Kimberley K,
Brittany Z,
Mish W,
Melocha R,
Karen L,
Natasha F,
Le Anne B,
Heather K,
Angela C,
Sara R,
Liz H,
Diane D,
Deanna K,
Diana M,
Tracie B.
Vivianna A.

I know shipping's ridiculous and I'm sorry! I have no control over that unfortunately. You'd think I'd get a break cause I've given Canada Post enough of your money. So I have a question for you...

For my US customers, shipping time usually takes 4-10 business days with the route that I've been shipping your orders (has insurance if lost/damaged). Now would you mind your order taking approximately 6-12 business days if it means saving $2 (still has insurance)?

For my Canadian customers, some kits can ship regular mail (flat and no insurance) and would save you from $6-8 (that's HUGE), would you prefer it to ship this way? This means I wouldn't be responsible if your kit does get lost or damaged. It's been pretty reliable so far - haven't had any problems.

For my International customers, unfortunately any method I ship is still just as expensive. Thank you for choosing to buy from me still!!

Your input is appreciated :). Thanks!


Valerie said...

I am only speaking for myself, but I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer and saving a couple dollars.
(US customer)

Tiffany said...

I'm too excited to wait two days for two bucks! I'd pay the $10, but if everybody else wants to wait... I can try to be patient. (I'm in the US)

Amber said...

I'm okay with either way is best for you/everyone. (US customer)

Suzanne said...

I'm not on your waitlist but thought I'd chime in anyways (I'm hoping there will be some left by my next payday :)
I'm in Canada and would be happy with regular mail - never had any problems with it before and that's a good amount of savings, especially in USD!

Vivianna said...

oh no! I never made it to the waitlist :( I don't mind waiting longer.

Kelly said...

Honestly, a couple of days is not that big of a delay-so for me (in the US) I'd be happy to save a couple of dollars!

evalicious said...

Vivs, I'm so sorry!! You're on there ( I just added you) but because we were corresponding on gmail, that email must've gotten lost.

Thanks so much for your input. I'll leave this post for the rest of the day and see how it goes. So no invoices yet.

sarah bear said...

I'm fine with the longer wait myself (U.S. customer)...but also don't mind paying the $2 if everyone else prefers the quicker, more expensive option.

Barbara said...

I think that regular mail should be ok for Canada Post.

LRH said...

Waiting longer would be fine for me. I'm not in that big of hurry to get started yet! (US customer)

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

I don't mind waiting longer either. Shipping has been pretty fast here.

Kim L. said...

I see I'm a day late to be added to your waitlist, but since no one else asked to be added, is it really too late? If so, I'll look on Etsy. But add me if possible. Thanks!

Kristi said...

I don't mind waiting either (in the U.S.).

suzantzavala said...

I don't really mind, Eve. Make it easy on yourself. I'm in the US so it's $2, but that is not enough of a savings to cause so much trouble. The extra days don't matter to me either, so ship mine the way you want. Thanks so much.

jennifer said...

i am find with regular mail in canada - just can't wait to get it!
They look so beautiful!
Jennifer M in ON

scrappysue said...

I would prefer the quickest way, but only because I have to wait another 2 weeks for ARAMEX to get it to me from the USA. It looks really great Eve!

Dee said...

either way is fine by me. Whatever works best for you.

Tricia Dunstan said...

I don't mind waiting either. I'm from the US.

* * * * * * * said...

2 bucks is savings that I can use for my next shopping stop at your shop : ) Don't mind the extra couple of days at all. Thanks for offering this option Eve!

Anonymous said...

is it too late to get on the wait list?

Queen of Bristol said...

Eve I live in Europe and wanted to get one but then 16,50$ for the shippiong is a lot. I was wondering whether it's not possible to put the kit in a flatrate envelope because that will only be $12,95.-
Recently I had a ton of stamps and punches shipped in flatrate envelopes and you can fit a lot in those.
Can you please check if that would be possible?

Cindy said...

whatever works best for you; i am ok with waiting (US customer) - looking forward to seeing another fabulous kit! cindy in tx

evalicious said...

Sandy, did you order your stamps&punches from the US? We don't have flat rate envelopes here - everything's by weight here.

For those who would like a journal early, please email me directly with your mailing address. Thanks!

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

I would prefer to wait because they are still arriving so early. That being said, it is only $2 so I could go either way.
Helpful no?!?! :)

Jen K. (U.S.)

Queen of Bristol said...

Silly me! Yes sure Eve I ordered them in the US - I wasn't aware that you live in Canada (only found out right now) - so it's Canadian Dollars!!! Sorry for not looking more closely :-/ that would be more or less the same shipping rate then as a flatrate envelope in the US and not too bad... but now it's too late :-((
But I can still get one of your other journals :-)))
Have a nice day Eve