Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coptic PDF file correction & Christmas journal updates

For those of you who have purchased the Coptic PDF file from me, there's a little error a customer just pointed out. So to clarify, Steps 28 & 30 in the Coptic stitch section is supposed to read "between the cover and the first signature" and not "between the cover and the second signature". I've changed it for new PDF files that are bought but for the ones that have been sent already, please take note of this correction. Sorry for the confusion.


Xmas Journal Update:
Preorder/waitlist journals (people who got invoices from me vs ordering it through my shops) have all shipped (back on Nov 10/11) so you should be getting those soon if not already.

If you ordered it through my shops between Nov 11-14, your orders have also shipped on Nov 16/17. Remember it does take 6-12 business days so you should be getting it by next week or early the week after.

If you ordered a journal through my shops with this note in the description of the journal:
"Please note: Last batch of journals have sold out. Current batch of journals will not ship until Nov 23 which means you will not get your journal until one week into December. If this is ok with you, please grab yourself some post it notes and start recording your days of December so that you can quickly add these entries into your journal as soon as it arrives."
They're being assembled as quickly as possible and will be shipping out Monday evening:). Thank you so much for your patience!!


PS We're getting our first ultrasound tomorrow to confirm our dates - so excited! Can't wait to see the little peanut:).

PPS Please don't start playing with your foil sheet yet in your Christmas journal kit, I've got a WAY BETTER tip that I'm gonna share with you on Tuesday k? Stay tuned!



humel said...

Ooh, scan - exciting!! Enjoy :-)

Diana Martin said...

How exciting on having your first scan!!! Enjoy!
I totally LOVE my Christmas Journal and I can't wait to start playing with it. I am using mine to do Ali E's December Daily, I am so excited about it!! xo

Anonymous said...

how exciting about your ultrasound! can't wait to receive my journal...i am so excited!