Sunday, January 24, 2010

Look what we did last Sunday & Monday

Baby stuff is SO CUTE!!! Wish we had an endless budget.


Daniela Dobson said...

We have that stroller, love it!! Ours is with orange trim. Alex is now 2 and we still use it!!! I think we got our money's worth. Love the car seat, too. So easy to transfer from car to stroller...the best thing ever. I was really sad when we had to buy a real car seat.

Unknown said...

I received a really hand-me-down
stroller that is.. rather flimsy
atm even though we've used it for
four months. haha.

the hubs wants a new stroller while
I'm thinking of a new baby bag >.>

humel said...

Awwww..... So your colour! :-) Yes, there are so many cute baby things *sigh*

Mermaid said...

Yeah, baby stuff ist really cool!

I love these things for babies:

Greetings from Norway, Maja

Lisanna said...

I have the STOKKE!!!
It's fantastic... my son loves it!!!

Joanne said...

looks a little small for Mylo! ;-) You guys look so cute preparing for the big arrival - you are looking fab...hope you are feeling that way too.

Anonymous said...

it is always exciting to shop for baby stuff.

lisa westphal said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE with the first poster -Daniela-. . .I L-O-V-E the stroller you guys are looking at!! I too have the older version with orange trim. . .and LOVE everything about it. . . especially the large and easy to access basket on the bottom. I have 4 kids and have owned. . .oh man. . .a gagillion strollers. . .this one, my BOB jogger, and Peg Prego side-by-side were my best purchases.
*Good Luck* : )

adnohr said...

I have that green/grey chicco stroller and it's been great. The only negative is that it doesn't have divots for sticking the seat on top of a shopping cart. Otherwise, it's a great combo.