Thursday, January 14, 2010

new year's splurge

I know we're all guilty of it:). The after Christmas splurge on ourselves. Mine usually includes pre & post Christmas splurges! This year was $300something worth of maternity clothes (miraculously with the approval of the husband).

Did you splurge a little on yourself after the holiday season this year?


Hot Wheels and Glue Guns said...

I would think maternty clothes are anecessary, not a splurge-you can't be a naked pregnant woman can you? ; )

Last year I spent my money (spontaniously) on a Silohuette machine. I love her, never, ever regret it!

Have a good day!

Tricia Dunstan said...

I agree! The maternity clothes are a need. After having 5 kids I learned you have to feel comfortable and look good, and that's a hard thing to achieve when your pregnant.
I have just finished receiving my after-christmas splurge purchases. I have had my eye on some stamps and primas and stuff. I threw caution to the wind and bought them all. Congrats on the baby, there is definitely nothing like the first. I would know, kept trying to repeat it. :)

Kelli said...

I think it's agreed, maternity clothes are a necessity, not a splurge, so now you can go and splurge on something for you!
I almost splurged on a new lens, but it wasn't on sale so I decided to wait.

Anonymous said...

every mom-to-be needs maternity clothes. so glad that you were able to splurge. this year...i have been so busy buying cleaning supplies and neccessities for my home. have a wonderful day! be sure you take a pic of yourself in your new clothes.

humel said...

That's a necessary splurge :-) I've been pretty good, but I did get the Ali Edwards overlays for my Project 365, if that counts...

Jaimie said...

Yes, I bought a sewing machine. I tend to do something like this every year. Yay for new maternity clothes!!!

Michelle said... groceries count?

just kidding....I did some scrappy shopping on the weekend....I spent $200 on Glimmer mist, alcohol inks and masks....Oh, and a mini album kit.

And I've been so busy, I haven't gotten to play with any of it. :(

Enjoy the mat clothes!