Tuesday, February 23, 2010

back in stock

rainbow button felt circles

back to school button paper apples

Hi again:). Just got over another cold. My immune system is doing funny things - Eddie had the Norwalk virus after Christmas dinner and I totally didn't get it but I can't run from these nasty colds!

My parents finally came back from being in Vietnam for 6 weeks. The last time my dad & brother went, my dad got a relative to buy a bunch of cute buttons for me. Unfortunately, she only got a small bag of everything so needless to say, I ran out pretty quick. This time, my sweet mom did the shopping and bought me a whole load of the ones that I wanted:). As soon as I got home with my huge bag full of buttons, I went right to remaking these 2 sets of cute embellies. Made me so happy to see them back in shop again!

Sew Grateful kit & tutorial (green)

Sew Grateful Kit & Tutorial (pink)

These kits are also back in stock - yay!

Right now I'm working on the Escape Art Journals:). They should be ready to ship right after this weekend. I'll probably list them in a few days.


Stephanie said...

The apple buttons are so cute!

Michelle said...

the kits look great....I love the apple embellies too!

Kelli said...

I can sew buttons to paper apples all day and they'd never look as cute as yours do.
A woman in our prenatal class was sick almost her whole pregnancy and as soon as the baby came, she was better. We actually didn't even recognize her when we saw her again. Maybe you are just too busy making that baby is healthy and you are paying the price by getting ever cold out there. Hope you feel better soon!