Saturday, February 27, 2010

how do you journal?

After scrapbooking for a few months was when I think I turned to using my handwriting mostly for my journaling. When I get into the mood to scrap something, I don't bother with the computer (to find fonts that'll go perfect with my page theme - just too lazy for that). I really don't even know my page theme when I'm creating so I'd probably be searching forever for that perfect font and get nothing scrapped. That's why I love using my handwriting:) - it's perfect for any theme.

Here's some neat little items that I like to do my journaling on:

-lined papers out of a small notebook from the dollar store (love using these to give different sorts of looks). It's not acid free/archival but if you know me, you know that it doesn't bother me cause it's cheap and I love the texture/interest that I get especially when I include the "holey" edge.

-You know the insert in the packaging that the Love, Elsie acrylic stamps came with? That's what the grid paper is. Couldn't see it go in the recycling bin so into a scrapbook page it goes. Love it when companies include little things like this - makes me smile:).

-then there's prebought tags and diecuts like this one from Creative Cafe.

My fave journaling pen?
-none other than the Sakura Microperm. It can write on any type of surface and dries quick. LOVE.

-I admit. I own my share of alpha stickers and stamps. I'm a collector. Always on the lookout for the perfect font for my titles but sometimes I just get so darned lazy to pull out any of these items that I just use my handwriting.

Love to just simply write a title on textured cardstock then cut out.

Made a mistake?

I used to write out my journaling in pencil first but then found having to retrace all my journaling very tedious and then the erasing part was even worse, often leaving my paper all crinkled from the rubbing. I just learned to go with the flow and reword things if I happened to make a mistake. I look at the journaling space that I've got as a challenge and to fit what I have in mind inside that space. It's quite fun and liberating. You should try it. And when I run out of space, I just look for another spot to add more journaling on. Take the layout above for example. I sewed the stitching at the end so it looks like the journaling was purposely broken into 2 sections.

Happy Sunday:)


Kelli said...

I love your pages!

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for your tips :)
Do you know where I can buy that pen you recommend ? it sounds like a wonder pen, and I've been looking for something like that for a long time :)
love your pages too!

Mirka said...

I love your pages. They're simple yet beautiful!

humel said...

But Eve, your handwriting is gorgeous! Mine is rubbish :-( That's why I tend to use the computer, typewriter, stickers or rub-ons...