Friday, March 26, 2010

if you leave it long enough

it'll clean itself :). I came again home to a clean studio. Ok I was just kidding about the mess cleaning itself. I just have a super sweet husband who doesn't mind tidying up my studio once in a while (or one who can't stand my mess) so that I can feel creative again.

I even got fresh tulips and a lit candle to greet me:).

Some shop stock is all nicely arranged in this cabinet.

Look who loves being down here now too?


Yukari said...

That is so sweet. My husband does that for me too and I am so grateful. :)

Your blog is beautiful ... thank you for sharing.

NaomiTanakaJesson said...

AWW! Can Eddie come over and teach my Man some of those tricks?!? LOVE your workspace!

Kelli said...

My hubby would never do that, he'd be afraid to put things in the wrong spot.