Thursday, March 18, 2010

march 17


-went to see my OBGYN
-ate a McChicken & large fries by myself in the parking lot before the appointment :P
-found out that apparently babies are born bigger and bigger these days because of the North American diet (way too much grains & starch)
-prayed that I won't have a ten-pounder (I believe babies really shouldn't be born that big) for the sake of my poor va-jayjay!!
-went home and had protein & veggies for dinner
-hope that I can keep up with my new way of eating


Julie-Ann Wells (Jewels) said...

I normally just stalk your blog and purchase things here and there but I HAD to comment.

I too was told with both my babies about babies being larger. I am not a big girl (5 feet tall and at the time was 130lbs) My second one the doctors in Canada (alberta) were actually panicking at the small nature of my baby. She was growing at the exact same rate as my first. Both were small and full term. In fact the second was 9 days over due. They weighed 5.6 and 6.8.

It just made me so angry that I had to go through so many more tests and ultrasounds with my second (11 ultrasounds total) because they didn't think she was big enough. Since when do babies have to be born the size of thanksgiving turkeys?! lol Good Luck with everything! (LOVE your stuff)

humel said...

Hey, look at you :-) Exciting times!

Eating healthily is a good plan, but don't feel like you have to deny yourself all treats x

Joanne said...

how cute are you! You look fabulous.....whatever you doing, it seems to be agreeing with you! Can't wait until the little appears!

Joan said...

You look like you're doing everything just right. What a beautiful bump.

I ate everything I wanted (and gained a lot) with my first and he was my smallest baby. I ate carefully (and gained 12 lbs) with my second and he was born big. Curiously, my small baby is my biggest child. Go figure.

Kelli said...

I gained a lot of weight with my first, and he was 8 lbs 6 oz. With my dautghter, I ate better and moved more and she was 8 lbs 8 oz. They are normal, not overweight now, both were in the top 90% as babies and toddlers, but as children, they were smaller/average compared to classmates.
I hope you don't have a 10 lb baby for your sake.