Sunday, March 7, 2010

these are back in stock too:)

travel mix button embellishments

Travel dictionary button flowers

Was so excited that these were so popular and sad that they were no longer available because they were all sold out. Happy again now cause they're back in stock:). Have been really having fun replenishing stock for my shop. Feels good to make stuff. Feels good to feel good again:).

Belly's sure getting big:). Got approximately 6 more weeks of work work left then got some vacation time and then mat leave starts shortly after mid-May. Where's the time gone???
Can't wait to share my next art's still in the works and hopefully will be available by end of the month.

BTW I had another baby brain moment. I usually work Weds - Friday at the Health Unit so I sat in 2 hours of traffic on Weds to get into work a little late only to find out that my set didn't start till Thurs (once a month I would work Thurs to Sunday)!!! Looking forward to 2 days off:)

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Sherri said...

Boo :( Of course right after I placed my order. Guess I'll have to place another one?!