Tuesday, April 20, 2010

week 33

Wow. I can't believe it's exactly 33 weeks tomorrow that this little being has been growing inside my belly. Where's the time gone? I felt like reminiscing about my pregnancy progress so went through my notes in my iphone and came across this entry dated Jan 15 (19 weeks):

Journaling reads: Felt you first move inside my belly about a week ago. I was sitting on the sofa and felt this loud purring on the left side of my lower belly. Then I felt you again last evening (at nanny's) but this time it was a softer purr. I was a bit doubtful that it was you and thought it might be my bowels but there you were again this morning while I was sitting at my desk at work. Another soft vibration. So sweet my baby. You're really bulging out my belly now and I've been feeling pretty good the last 2 weeks. Had a good cry a few nights ago cause I was feeling fat and uncertain about what how my body will react to this pregnancy. Silly hormones.


What's so funny is how Eddie has occasionally throughout the pregnancy commented that I'm doing so well - he says, " you're always so happy and cheery." But all I can remember were these moments where I bursted in tears and cried into his chest for no apparent reason other than I felt fat. LOL. Then there was the recent outburst that I found his family annoying all because they called while I was trying to nap - hey not my fault that I'm carrying around a good extra 35 lbs and feeling tired right? Another LOL. Thank goodness there's VERY FEW of these outbursts. Overall it's been good:).

You know the baby art journal that will be available real soon? I was just cutting up some of the papers for it and it inspired me to make this post. Yep, I'm using mine as an Expecting Baby journal. Can't wait to get these notes, photos and memorabilia into it :).


Helena said...

It feels so good to read how you feel about your pregnancy (I am on my 22nd week...). I can't wait till I see your baby journal - I am planing to do one of my own, but will see... Take care, and keep yourself happy :-)!

Sara said...

I am nearly 31 weeks and doubt I'm as cheery as you seem. :) I can't wait to see more of these baby journals!

Kelli said...

I can't wait to see your baby journal! And you are not fat, your cooking a baby!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh how amazing is this that you got this down?! totally wish i would have done something like this for my kids.
love love love! :)

lizi said...

so cool!! i have bad days, and my husband is always telling me how i should be pregnant all the time because i'm so happy! i'm 17 weeks and really need to document more!! thanks for the inspiration!