Wednesday, May 12, 2010

chopped it all off

Went and got the biggest haircut of my life. I've never had it this short before but have wanted this change for a long time. Thought this change was very fitting to my soon-to-be life changing experience :).

Can't believe the amount of shampoo I'm (not) using. It feels so good!

The side view. Got a little cowlick going on back there cause my hair is naturally slightly wavy. Really didn't know how it was going to react to this length but it's not doing too badly.
So glad I've knocked off some to-do things off my list because I'm feeling heavier, slower and way more tired. Poor Mylo's walks have gone from 1.5hrs to 1 hr to 45 mins to a mere 20/30 mins tops now as my pregnancy progressed. LOL! Oh well, he's getting old and lazy anyway - constantly fighting with me and wanting to go home. If he didn't want to go further, he'd put on the breaks literally and refuse to move. Does your dog do this?
Happy Wednesday!


humel said...

It looks gorgeous, Eve :-) It'll be so much easier to manage when the bubba arrives, too! xx

Debbie said...

I LOVE the hair!!! I've always been a short-hair girl. You are really going to love it when your little one arrives - it'll take much less time to look presentable ;)

sarah bear said...

super cute! ♥

Kelli said...

I'm a short hair gal too! Love it but you have to get it cut more often.
Our Golden is chubby and lazy.

Michelle said...

love the hair!!!

I just did the same thing, and now I only use a small drop of shampoo and conditioner. It feels so much healthier too.

welcome to the inverted bob club!!!!

bcgal00 Rae said...

Sounds like pregnancy hasn't slowed you down too much. You look great! Love the short haircut!

Geralyn said...
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