Thursday, May 20, 2010

tissue poms anyone?


You can make these with the instructions on the Martha Stewart website. I went out to one specialty packaging store and didn't find tissue colours that I really liked so I decided to order it from this Etsy shop instead. It's getting harder and harder to lug this large medicine ball belly with me to places so I try to keep trips really short. Lovin' Etsy shopping lately:). Got this colour combo for the baby nursery:

Don't know how everything's going to look but got some sort of idea. Still thinking about the wall art. Eddie finished painting the walls and crib/change table and I washed and folded the majority of her clothes. Will make a post next week on her completed room.


Thought I was being a little ambitious with my to-do list but it's actually coming along :).


s a n s k u :) said...

i love these tissue paper pom poms. i make them for our birthday parties. thanks for the tip to find the colors you want from etsy.

looking forward to seeing the finished baby room.

NaomiTanakaJesson said...

My girlfriend even hung them from the ceiling for colour. It looks absolutely BRILLIANT!

Unknown said...

I made some last week!! I didnt see the martha tutorial tho but its pretty much the same! x

Kelli said...

They look great!