Tuesday, August 17, 2010

finally some scrapbooking time :)

It's been super hot these last few days here in Vancouver, BC so the 4 of us were all hanging out in the master bedroom with our air conditioning on Sunday afternoon/evening. Eddie kept munchkin occupied in between feeds and I got to play with the new mini art journal. I decided to use the green one instead :).

These were some of the supplies that I gathered for putting together this album a few days ago: masking tape, scrap paper, 7Gypsies stamps, dollar store date stamp, pens, scissors, double sided tape, Stazon ink, mini photos, some (not yet released) Evalicious embellies and of course the mini art journal.

Stuck all the supplies/materials inside this cute little green box I got from Michael's. Now I lug it with me to whichever room I happen to be in.

I've already done 15 days worth in a few hours time. It's so super easy with this mini. Will post once I get the entire month of June done.

Gotta get back to the crying babe now! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

looks adorable so far! do you print your pictures from a home printer? how do you get them so little?!

Desiree said...

looks super cute. what a great idea to tote all your supplies around. awesome.

Nancy Wyatt said...


Kelli said...

We were in Vancouver over the weekend, and I can't believe how hot is is and that no one has a/c.
Glad to see you are getting some scrapbooking done!

Alison said...

Looks gorgeous!

Abbey said...

I make mine using the "collage" feature in the free download of picasa. Just pick the four pictures you want (pressing ctrl + h to select each) then click on Collage from the bottom tool bar. Then it will let you pick the size of your collage. Choose 4x6 from the drop down and you are set. If you want to reset the image resolution you can use your other software or picnik.com, but I usually just leave it as is as it is fine for printing at a high resolution.