Sunday, August 1, 2010

she's 2 months old today

Where's the time gone?? In memory of the last 2 months, thought I'd share some random Myelle-isms.

While waiting for Eddie to come home yesterday, I flopped her on her belly for some tummy time. She usually lifts her head up so that her face is perpendicular to the surface she's on. Her back was to me so I was wondering what was going on. She fell asleep on her tummy!

Totally getting too big to fit in between the nursing pillow. She weighed 13lbs 2oz on July 29.

Her swaddle blanket that we got just 3 weeks ago and it's already really snug. I could barely pull the little velcro flap over in the front. This is what we put her in (the straight jacket) when she's extra fussy at night cause it helps settle her and she sleeps longer.

This is how we usually find her in the morning LOL!

She got congested the last few weeks so we bought this incline wedge for her to sleep on so she can breathe a bit better. Her head's supposed to be at the top of the wedge. This is how we usually find her in the morning.

Or like this when we try to pick her up (gotta do her neck stretches).

And for the last two times we used the wedge, THIS is how I found her. Our little drunken sailor. At least we got 2.5 weeks use out of it for 25 bucks.

Look forward to recording more isms in the upcoming months.
PS thank you for your kind comments, words of encouragement and for sharing your experiences re bf with me:). I look forward to the 3 and 6 month marks but will enjoy her tiny-ness in the meanwhile.


Mari said...

Какие вы хорошенькие! Я вас поздравляю и желаю крепкого здоровья!!!)

Desiree said...

she is adorable. :)

Unknown said...

what is her growth percentile like?
I'm not sure since they're photographs
but she looks slightly bigger for
her age. and, awww, the baby fat
is starting to kick in (: I remember
the stage where they "fatten up" after
the first month :D

humel said...

2 months already?! Gosh, I'd forgotten how fast it all goes by.... Enjoy every moment :-) She's so gorgeous!!

gea said...

ooowww ..your little girl is so precious !!!! beautiful girl

Bonita Rose said...

She is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this little peek into your beautiful baby girl. xo

Unknown said...

awh!! somebody doesnt even wana kissy!! She is absolutely gorgeous! Just like her mom! I hope you are enjoying motherhood :) xo

Kelli said...

She's growing so fast! I love the rolly polly-ness of her!

Kelli said...
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Anonymous said...

she is absolutely the most precious thing i've ever seen.
it goes by WAY too fast, huh?! :(

dragonflydreamer said...

She is so precious. Congratulations!

Erin J said...

So cute!!! My babe loves to be swaddled. Have you tried these? AMAZING. That's all I can say about them!!!