Thursday, September 9, 2010

the (practically) complete today mini art journal

One of the pages features half a vintage doilie sewn onto found sample wallpaper. Super fun to scrap on!

Remember the bunch of Elle's Studio package backings that I altered a while back? Some of these journals consists of one and this is how I used mine.

Okay, so when I first planned to use this journal, I meant to only record one month's worth of happenings but because there's actually a lot more room in the journal than I thought, I ended up going into the second month. That's why it's "practically" complete. I only ended up doing half of July (which is a lot more than I had planned). The rest will get in there in due time!

This was so super fun to create! I can't wait to make more to document the upcoming months. Love flipping through each page and reliving the moments. Our little girl is not so little anymore compared to when we first brought her home. I would've already forgotten the details of the first month had I not record them down. So thankful I did! I'm sure Myelle will too when she's all grown.

Okay enough babbling...check out the complete journal here.

Oh thank you to those of you for leaving comments on easier ways of making collage (mini) photos :). For those still wondering, suggestions include: Picasa,,, Walgreens. I believe Flickr has that option too but I haven't tried any. I guess I get too impatient waiting for the photos to be delivered.

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