Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Somebody's not very happy yesterday when we brought her over to my parents' in her costume. Maybe because she's already outgrown her costume before Halloween was here. She's gotta put it on again this evening so we can take her around the complex to get candy for her daddy lol!

Have a safe & happy Halloween everyone!


Shop stuff: I've sent out invoices to the third batch waitlist people - these babies are ready to go to their rightful owners:). Thank you to those who already made payment. Most have left for the post office today.
If you haven't made payment yet, PLEASE make sure the Paypal address is the correct address because I will ship to that one - it gets really confusing to cross-reference all the Paypal addresses with the waitlist address you provided me. Thank you!

I'll be sending out some reminder emails soon. If you've changed your mind on getting a journal, please let me know asap because a lot of people are anxiously waiting to get their hands on one!

I'm making a small fourth batch after all and it should be ready to ship mid November latest. I'll make them available in the shop to purchase on November 8. This will be the final batch. If you don't end up with one and haven't purchased a Christmas journal from me in the past, I can help put together a destash Christmas art journal for you which includes the goodness from the current and past 2 kits. Just email me:)


chiaracat said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! happy halloween you too

laura capello said...

she made an adorable pumpkin!

any chance you'll have some sort of holiday ornament kit? i'm stumped what to do this year and you have the best ideas.

gladiator007 said...

So adorable!

Jane said...

cute cute CUTE!!!

bcgal00 Rae said...

Just popping in to say hi. Its great to see photos of you guys! Hope you had fun on Halloween.

Tiffany said...

oh my... how did i miss that precious halloween bb? so sweet!!!