Wednesday, October 13, 2010

thank you gifts from Myelle

Last month, my coworkers threw a baby shower for our little girl on the 12th and Eddie's coworkers had one on the 19th for her. We received a ton of generous gifts and Myelle got lots of hugs, holds and attention as well. Our little girl is unbelievably loved.

Before her arrival, I had all sorts of ideas on thank you gifts. I ordered a few hundred dollars worth of glass tiles and supplies in hopes to make everyone thank you magnets with Myelle's photo but poor box of supplies is still sitting underneath my chrome shelves due to lack of time.

Thank goodness I found these awesome looking pens on a trip to Michael's at a good price:). I printed a bunch of her photos that Rae Clevett had taken for us after adding text to it on Photoshop. I then tucked these photos into the clear cello baggies (that Evalicious embellies come in) with the white hanging tab part cut off along with a pen.

But silly me didn't buy enough pens. So I made a few cards to replace the pens.

Once I feel a bit better with this cold, we'll head over to my work to distribute the rest of these thank you gifts to my coworkers. What creative projects have you worked on lately?


Desiree said...

those are a really good idea! I made cake bunting for Asher's baptism.... thats all I had time for. :)

Kelli said...

I've been playing with my new cricut. Cutting all kinds of things.

dragonflydreamer said...

Such a lovely and thoughtful way to say Thank You. I have been gathering my Christmas supplies and looking for ideas to begin making Christmas presents for my family. Congratulations again on your Beautiful daughter!

xo Susi xo

MonkeeMama said...

I LOVE my pen! Thank you for the Thank you!