Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I really dislike packing orders. I love the creative part, getting notification that a sale's gone through and happy emails from my customers. Well maybe I don't dislike the whole process of packing orders. I do love going through my baskets and picking the orders because it's like I'm doing the personal shopping for my customers:). And I LOVE shopping for scrapbooking supplies;). OK so it's really the mass printing of labels on Paypal that gets me. I'm sitting for hours at the computer (with really poor posture that I'm sure my RMT would have a fit over) waiting to print each label individually. And it's lonely down here at night.

But guess what?? I'm so happy to say that the second batch of Christmas kits & all orders placed up to Tuesday Oct 19 is all done and shipping today. I'm really looking forward to tidying up and hopefully get to do some more purging so that I can make room for a little play area for Myelle down here.


Barbara said...

Thank YOU! I was so happy to be able to get one of your's one of my Christmas traditions!
Happy wishes and healing thoughts to you & yours.

moimoi said...

I would like to order the christmas mini,it looks so beautiful but it's sold out.What should i do?