Friday, December 31, 2010

happy nye!

Vancouver, BC fireworks photo by jon rawlinson


new year's resolutions:
-keep going to Bikram yoga 4-5 times a week (made a big commitment by buying the one year package bc it was such a good deal - it comes with mat/towel service for one year:). No more having to smell stinky towels woohoo!)
-don't sweat about the nasty comments that my mom likes to make about my weight (Chinese mothers apparently like to do that - at least mine and some of the ones that I know)
-don't be offended by the comments my MIL makes about my parenting style
-be more appreciative to the husband for all he does
-be more lovey dovey with the husband (I blame it on the hormones for the lack of)
-take myself & Myelle out at least once a week to go visiting (we tend to lounge at home too often)
-keep away from the fatty foods (plugged ducts in boobs hurt)

What are your NYRs?


Shirley said...

Haha. I know all about Chinese mothers. My mom has made some crazy comments in the past, but I know she didn't say it to be mean. I think that's just how the culture is. Heh.

Audiene said...

I had to chuckle at your nyr. Mine are similar and I think some moms are just that way, even if they aren't Chinese-like my mom.:) My oldest daughter is 12 and I still have to put up with my mil stating her opnion on how she should be raised. I just learn to smile and ignore and do it my own way and so far so good.;)

gladiator007 said...

Anyone's mom or MIL will always give you advice and sometimes I hear myself doing the same to new parents. All we can do is listen and let it go out the other ear. :)