Monday, December 20, 2010

my december daily so far

Eddie was home today and took a break from vacuuming to watch Myelle so that I could make a few entries in my journal finally! Have been documenting but didn't have a chance to print photos. Picked up my stack of "mini" photos yesterday and excited to get started. I was looking back at a previous December daily album and thought it was so neat that we had a printer that printed decent photos so it was really easy-peasy keeping up with the journal.

Munchkin watching me for the first bit:). She kept busy with all sorts of kitchen knickknacks that Eddie put in front of her.

Inside the cover pages: a manifesto.

December 1 entry

December 2 & 3 entries

December 4 & 5 entries

These 6 entries took maybe an hour - super fast with the kit! Can't wait to scrap some more! Makes me happy :). How are your journals progressing? What's your process? Do you document the whole month first then scrap it in January? Or do you print photos and keep up with the journal daily?


k said...

Oh wow, you're making a wonderful album. I'm also using your album kit, but I added journal cards from Pretty Little Scraps and then I'm randomly inserting 4x4" photos into the album. Sometimes I'm using adhesive to put them on the pages you included, and sometimes I'm just punching holes right in the photos and sticking them in the binding (thanks for the huge rings!). I do the journal cards because it's important to me that I take time every day to actually write every day in December. The photos are taken daily, but printed once a week (or so). Your journal is making me feel decidedly uncreative because it's so amazing!

Joanne said...

and not one picture of Mylo in the album??? Where's my buddy?
Love how the album is progressing - so cute.

gladiator007 said...

It will be a late start to finish the album in December and then in January but I love your kit! So cute!

Jennifer said...

I scrap the previous year and keep up with my blog for journaling for the next :)