Sunday, January 16, 2011

a new sewing machine

My mother in law heard that I needed a new sewing machine to sew my papers and decided to give me hers since she barely uses it. It was such a lovely treat to get to sew these special pages myself for the love you art journal. I love sewing paper!! :) With my old crappy machine that I got for 70bucks, I had to have my mom help me do the sewing previously.

Laying out all the pieces of the new mini art journal to be assembled and bound with baker's twine.

Love it when each book is assembled. Couldn't use the contraption that Eddie made me to assemble these because the holes are smaller. Had to hold onto each stack with my left hand as I add more pages with my right so that all the holes are lined up before I run a needle with the twine through the holes to tie the pages together. Quite the workout for my left thumb muscle!
Want to let you know that there are no plans to close shop :). Just occasional thoughts of it but nothing definite. The benefits of my shop is just too good to give up. Besides the little extra income it provides so that I don't have to work full time in nursing, it keeps me sane, balanced & out of trouble. Will be working on new goals and plans though. Will keep you updated:).


amytangerine said...

congrats on your new machine! love seeing your behind the scenes photos.

gladiator007 said...

I'm glad that a new sewing machine will give you an opportunity to inspire you to creating something great for us to see!