Monday, January 31, 2011

this lil monkey

totally cracks me up. I swear she's behaving more & more like her dad - a big clown. Eddie and I were having a conversation in the kitchen, we look over at her one second and she's hanging onto one pole with both hands. And the next, she's got both arms spread, one hand hanging onto the pole on the right and one hand onto the pole on the left. The motor's making this funny noise and screaming, "please tell this giant to let go already!". As you can tell, this swing is old and has been passed down to a few people before it got to us because they don't make them with poles so close to the seat any more - for good reason!


Kelli said...

She's so cute! She's going to keep you hopping when she starts moving around!

Anonymous said...

she is SUPER adorable! :)