Sunday, January 23, 2011


Put my button maker to use in making pin back buttons for my niece and nephew to give to their school friends. First I cut out my images with the graphic punch.

Then I laid the shell, image, and plastic in one of the dies in the machine.

Then the backing of the pin goes in the other die.

Pressed the lever down on the first die with the image, release, then again on the other die with the backing.

Repeat x 50. :)

Printed up some greetings from computer and applied double sided tape to back.

Punched holes on mini card fronts so that pin can fit through.

Applied greeting to front of card.

Pin button through holes. All done!

The mini cards were a part of this kit from Daisy Ds. The chipboard images went in the Love You mini art journals & Valentines embellies kits but I was left with all the cards. So glad I got to use them up! My motto for this year is to buy less and use more of what I have - so far so good (only because I ordered a bunch of supplies before last year ended ha!). Hopefully this will help to challenge my creativity too.


*ЧеРеПаШкА* said...

WoW! Super!

Ingrid Aukan said...

what lovely embellies!

Glynis said...

Love these adorable buttons and cards!! What a fantastic idea:O)

Miki said...

Awe, lovely ideas! I want to have all the pins, hehe.

Have a ncie week!


Catie said...

lovely - and what a nice aunt you are - those are some lucky kids for sure.

gladiator007 said...

Neat button maker! Love it!

Kelli said...

Where did you end up getting your button maker? I'm in B.C. too and my daughter wanted one to make buttons for the anime convention at UBC, but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money. But then I saw there really aren't that many places that sell them.

evalicious said...

hey kelli, I got mine at - they're a pricey investment especially for us Canadians. It costs a fortune to ship here and then the duty too.

Diane said...

I was wondering if your going to do anymore Valentine books? I want one.

evalicious said...

Hi Diane and others who are wondering...I'm sorry but no I won't be making more valentines journals. Thanks so much for your interest.

Olivebits said...

Your niece and nephew LOVED the valentine's pins and cards!! We spent a fun afternoon assembling them and then choosing which pins for which friends. Thanks Auntie Eve! xoxoxo