Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the local Korean market

is great not only for oriental food items but cute Korean stationery supplies as well :). Love looking in that section every time I go in there. I always find something cute that I can include in my kits. Found these list pads for the new travel art journal. Next time...note to self: bring Myelle's stroller and put her in it so that I don't have to carry the 21 lb sack-a-potatoes while looking at pretty stationery:P. Hoping travel art journal will be available mid March. Still working on second batch of Love You art journals - waiting for some more materials to arrive. They should be ready real soon. Thanks for your patience!


Kelli said...

Fun! I love that kind of stuff!

Kelli said...
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Victoria Chan said...

Where is the Korean Market?
I'm from Vancouver so I would love to go there sometime to check out the stationary!

Thanks! :)

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