Thursday, February 24, 2011

recycled envelopes

Did you know that I try to incorporate some form of recycled material or another into Evalicious embellies & kits ? I hate seeing things go in the garbage or even the recycle bin before I think of a way to give it new life again. I think I get this from my dad's hoarding trait :P. Here's an example of what I did to some envelopes that my paystubs and bills came in:

Try to open your envy by trimming the edge rather than ripping it open like above (c/o my husband - my opened envies always look neater) if you want to use the whole envelope.

If not, it's still salvageable - just trim off the jagged edge. Then cut off whatever you don't need from envelope.

Open envelope to get it ready to add a tab on side.

Run envelope and circle tag tab through sewing machine.

Then sew top and bottom edge to close off envelope. Leave right edge open so that you can slip a piece of cardstock or photo into your new envelope. Alternatively, you can go back to the first step and turn your envelope inside out if you don't want the printing on the outside (before you start any sewing).

I made a whole bunch of these for the Love You art journals. Instead of sewing the top and bottom edge of each one individually, I sewed all the top edges and then all the bottom edges giving me this long envelope banner.

Had to lay it out on the floor to show Myelle (who's hanging out in her exersaucer) what Mama was up too. I got big schmiles:). Will definitely be adding more of these to future kits:).


Maggie Massey said...

GENIUS idea! Love it!!!

Brooks Ann at Fossil Hill said...

I love using security envelopes in journals. These might make cool backgrounds for some of your little embellies. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

wow. i LOVE this idea!!

Anne said...

LOVE your creatie genius!

Appears some of your mail-cious is brown bag/kraft in color? None of those arrive here in the states! {insert sad face}

Your wee helper is too cute for words!


Anne said...


OOPS... was suppose to read
- creative- genius!

Kelli said...

You are one smart cookie!