Friday, March 4, 2011

been under the weather

Little girl has not been feeling well lately and been super needy. Then was running a fever for a couple of days early this week with no other signs of infection. ?Maybe just her teethies - although there's no new sprout. Just been spending most of time giving her extra TLC:).


Aiming for next shop update to be: Friday, March 18 :)


Kelli said...

Sick babies are the saddest thing ever! Hope she's feeling better soon.
What's Mylo been up to?

evalicious said...

Hi Kelli:). Mylo's been Mylo - wanting more attn than he's getting:(. He at least gets to go daycare 1x/week and nice walks when weather permits. Hope your golden's doing well.

Anne said...

Sorry to hear the little one's afflicted with illness... feel better soon... we miss you!

PS... Love to read a post about your new Fuji STAX printer you purchased Eve! I'm looking, but would love to hear the pros and cons?