Tuesday, March 29, 2011

he's done it again

(please excuse the mess I've made) I came home from yoga one morning a week or so ago and the big white couch (Mylo's bed) that was against the window (where the green chair/table is now in the photo) was gone. Mr. "I've got a herniated disc" moved it into the garage by himself while Myelle sat watching him in her exersaucer. We can finally access the patio door again. Just in time for the nice weather:).

This is where the couch was.

Love how the sewing machine has a permanent residence now:). Not the greatest set-up but will do for now. The glass top can swivel so it's not sturdy. I need to tilt it outwards towards me so that I can sit under it to sew. The whole glass jiggles when the machine is going - it's hilarious. I don't care bc I love seeing the machine out in the open - makes me wanna use it for everything :). The place is not exactly 100% baby proof but Myelle's been having a gay-ol' time crawling around and exploring (with mother hawk watching of course).


Anonymous said...

I love that your space isn't perfect! It looks like it gets used on a regular basis and I love the quirky sewing stand. Thanks for sharing!

Julia L. said...

Mr. "I've got a herniated disc" .... love that, so true.

Ricarda said...

Ah, I'm so jealous that you have some space dedicated to sewing. :) And it looks lovely too.