Sunday, May 1, 2011

complete 2011 Christmas aj

finally got around to editing the photos I took of the completed book. so happy it's all done:). The entire book can be viewed here. I blame not getting it done sooner on the lack of a good mini photo printer:P.

Can't wait to make this year's Christmas aj and fill it up as we move along in the month. No excuse now with the new printers!


Kelli said...

I made my first Christmas daily album 2 Christmases ago, and love it. I didn't do one for the last Christmas. It was more work than I wanted to do this time around. Your's looks great!

MonkeeMama said...

Hey Eve fans! Vote for Eve's blog at

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eric costa said...

Happy Birthday!!
denise in northern california

It's my birthday too!!! that's how I can remember.

Cristina said...

Well done!! It's so pretty! I haven't finished mine yet (editing+printing pictures is something I hate doing!) but I really have to get it done, I only have maybe 7-8 pages still to go. And then I can start thinking about next Christmas! :)