Wednesday, June 15, 2011

shop temporarily closed

Hi all, just popping in quickly to say that shop is temporarily closed until further notice:(. Canada Post is on full strike so can't mail off any orders. If you've ordered something from me late last week or this past weekend, I hope it's made it across the border/in the air. If not, I'm so terribly sorry for the possible delay. If I haven't shipped your order yet, please let me know asap if you would like me to hold your order or if you would like a refund. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.


I've done a lot of tidying up then messing up of the studio to put together limited edition kits of all sorts and I'm so excited to share them soon. Hopefully early July if the strike is finally over.

It feels good to just go through my stash without any deadlines - so therapeutic. Much needed.

Still in (re)orientation stage of work and feeling so not smart. Talked to some of my colleagues and they say it'll take a good few months. So weird that decision making skills that were once common sense/second nature to me is requiring me to think really long & hard. I feel like an antique car being forced to be on the road again after being in the garage for a LONG time. LOL.

Myelle had her first birthday and we had the party last Sunday - will share more later.

Hope you're taking care!


Kelli said...

I can't imagine the strike lasting long! Too many businesses rely on them.
I can't believe the baby is 1 already!

gladiator007 said...

Keep us posted regarding the strike and can't wait for the party pics!