Wednesday, July 13, 2011


That's the number of photos stored on my camera that I just got around to uploading to my computer. Terrible! I printed off a stack of minis a few weeks ago and already, there's tons more on the camera that I've yet to print. Done a lot of living lately but no recording besides the quick notes on my iPhone and writing only journal.

Was taking a quick look at my 682 photos to find some that sums up June and came across these 2 of the little girl. Just had to share. She was fixated on those nares of hers and "no, Myelle - yuck" only caused the finger to go deeper in. LOL. I think she's over it now. Haven't seen her done this lately.

Been slowly developing a new routine over the last few weeks. It's going ok. I'm slowly starting to feel worthy of my paychecks haha. Missed the girly at first, being back at work, but it's just been so busy lately that I haven't had time to think of her while working. She's doing super well. Eddie's been on vacation to look after her while nanny (my mother in law) is in Ontario. Can't wait for her return though - especially so that I can get back to doing my yoga 5 days a week:).


gladiator007 said...
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gladiator007 said...

Did she find any gold? :P

bcgal00 Rae said...

Myelle is growing so fast!

Those faux-leather tabs look cool!