Friday, August 12, 2011

FYI re: shipping

I try my best to input shipping charges as accurately as I can so that the shipping you see is what you are being charged. Sometimes it's impossible to get it "just right" because postage is based on weight here in Canada. Please rest assure that when you are overcharged more than $2, I will refund the amount to your Paypal account. If it's under, I sometimes usually just include a little something extra in your package to make up for it. I say sometimes because it depends on the amount. Just like if you were undercharged for shipping, I wouldn't ask you to pay the difference. International shipping is a little tricky and I used to almost always have to pay extra for shipping myself.

Please note that shipping cost includes postage + cost of packaging. I ship your parcels the most affordable way - therefore there's no tracking. Shipping time takes approximately 6-12 business days. It's not guaranteed but reliable. So please do give it a month's time (30 days) to arrive. It's rare but does happen where it gets held up for some reason. Whether it be that there's a holiday or just got plain unlucky at customs.

Thank you so much again for buying from my shop - your support is much appreciated:)

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Grace Hester Designs said...

I experience the same challenges with shipping to Canada too with my prints and paper goods so I feel your pain! I find it amazing that packages to customers in the UK arrives sooner than those going to Canada. Ba-na-nas. :o)

You're also being really nice to refund the shipping - I just charge a rate I think evens out fairly and avoid the hassle of refunding/invoicing for the difference. Sometimes it's hard to predict the combination of items someone will purchase. :o/