Wednesday, August 31, 2011

she... at the stage where she wants to do everything we're doing and is really good at mimicking our actions. have to be super careful to not let a swear word slip.

...loves to hold onto the leash and walk the dog.

...mimicked me and called her dada, "edh" when we were at the mall the other day. the salesperson bursted out laughing. cute.

...loves to do up buckles and then yells for us to undo them so that she can do them up again. whatever keeps her entertained is okay with me;) especially when i need to get things done.

...loves to go to starbucks with her dada. adored by all the kids in our complex. whenever we take her outside, we are often swarmed by them so that they can say hi to her (and mylo too).

...seems to be the same size or even bigger than the 18+ month olds in our area. LOL.

...couldn't squeeze into the 2 piece bathing suit that we got her a few months ago - looked at the tag and it's supposed to fit 18-24 months. she'll only be 15 months on sept 1st. eddie brought up that the people in china making kids clothing must be thinking, "gosh they have big babies in north america." lol.


June K said...

So so adorable. Precious photos. Thanks for sharing.

**June K**

Olya Chudoolya said...

so cute)))

Kelli said...

So sweet! She's such a cutie!

Mama to Jayden said...

Very cute! Had to laugh at the clothing size comment. My 7 month old has to squeeze himself into his 18 month swim trunks!

Эля said...

cute doggy )))

Karin said...

I had the same problem, but then one day (many months later) one of those things that we had to squeeze our little pudge into fit just fine. He stretched out and viola he fit in clothes he couldn't before!(of course most were already packed away and we were on to bigger clothes by then.