Wednesday, October 5, 2011

no shipping until Monday, Oct 17

just popping in to say a quick hi and to say that i'm taking a break from shipping. this one-woman shop is working at its max capacity LOL. in my case, putting together these fun christmas kits:). so neat to see them come together.

couldn't help going through some photos taken during the summer while i'm working at computer shop stuff. found these ones of her and us at the beach (mylo's in the background doing his usual stuff - chewing on drift wood). byebye summer. it was nice while it lasted. not bad at all this year. we didn't even have to use the air con once. it got muggy here & there but nothing unbearable (definitely nothing like orlando, florida or bikram's torture chamber).

us: "where's the plane, myelle?"
her: "boop!"

first time walking on a gravelly beach.

checking out the boats in the distance with dada and watching mylo swim.

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