Wednesday, May 16, 2012

may 19 sneak peeks

PLEASE NOTE: i'm taking a break from shipping and to catch up on finishing items for May 19's shop update. NEXT SHIPPING DATE Tuesday, May 22. thanks for your understanding.

made lots of new badge button sets. in this art journal entry i used "sunday" from the new kraft week days buttons set and a dennison labels tag.

 i had so much fun designing a new line called my week - there's 3"x4" large tags, a snipsnip tag sheet, label page tabs, and of course badge buttons:)

 an entry featuring the label page tabs and a thin long tag from the my week snipsnip sheet

 another "camera" badge button set - you're gonna love these! they're super cute:)

a badge button from the my week sayings set.

It's not a huge update but there's enough stuff to keep you satisfied for a little while;)

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