Thursday, September 27, 2012

around here

 cutting away - pages for the christmas art journals, packaging material, images for badge buttons, etc.

the computer desk is a mess. with sample buttons galore!

munchkin constantly climbing onto the swivel chair whether i'm on it or not and repeatedly saying, "i wanna help mama." help me alright - help me make a mess! LOL.

a little sneak at some badge button sets (on left is V1 of 3 badge button sets that's part of the fall PL collection, beside it is a "love my cat" badges - yes, i made a dog one too!, beside that is the school's cool badge button set). On the far right is the school's in page tab set.

some stamped tags to be sewn onto a page of the christmas art journal.

what's going on around your place?


Country Mouse said...

Ooo, looks like a lot of fun stuff going on there!
here? not much...working. :/

have a great day~~~
audrey ♥

AbrewFamily said...

What a happy, lovely mess. I can't wait to play with your new products.

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