Sunday, September 30, 2012


seen this guy around? he's wanted by my daughter. LOL. i guess it's nobody's fault but ours because we started this craze for her. she's got a ton of stuff with him on it. can't take a nap without her elmo stuffie. she loves to make us drawn him. usually it's on paper but tonight it's on my bamboo tablet while i'm trying to get some work done. oh boy. it didn't end well. she cried and cried when her baba came to take her for her bath. that was my saturday night :P


Maria Therese said...

Ha my 3 year old don't want to go to the loo unless she get to see the Cookie monster sings C is for Cookie on youtube ;) and yes my husband started that last week ;) (good thing we all like that song ;))

gladiator007 said...

Too cute! They will go in phases of different characters they are introduced to.

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