Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Want to say hi and let you know that it's been crazy busy around here as I fill some wholesale orders and package up other customer orders that are coming in. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and have to take a little break from shipping so that I can concentrate on getting the shop well stocked for Friday's shop udpate. That means cutting up and bagging these cute lil stamps. I'm so stinkin' excited about how they're coming along - from being cut to how they look inside their own little glassine baggies. I'll get some photos of them tomorrow:).

If you've placed an order already, your order will ship Friday but anything coming in after this blog post goes live will not ship until next Weds. Thanks for your understanding. And I can't wait to share all our new stamps with you!! PS I've sent out our first newsletter - please check your spam box if you haven't received it.

another note...We've been getting lots of DT applications and getting so excited about all the awesome artwork you are showing - WOW! I have been reading each of them as they come in but just haven't had a chance to reply to all of them. I really should send out an autoreply so that you aren't wondering if it came through okay. Yes, I even check my junk/spam box (and found a few there!). 

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