Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Internet Slang Badge Buttons | Inspiration

As soon as I saw the Internet Slang Badge Buttons, I instantly thought of my teenage daughter.  Her entire life, it seems, happens on the internet (which is very tiresome for me to monitor).  Her grammar and spelling are non-existent in text messages and emails.  These very badges could be her conversation with friends!  I love it that these badges are a total sign of the times.  I HAD to create a page about my daughter with them.

I looked for the most teenager photo of her that I could find.  One with her having one of her crazy faces.  Check!  I added in some School's In Label Snipsnip labels and went with trying to create a page that she would think was cool.

I set off all the badges with either a tag or a stamp.  Here I have used "SO" and the Right Now arrow.

The colors from the Snipsnip labels matched perfectly with the colors in my photo.

Stamps, tags, badges, KWIM??  LOL.  Wow, now I am feeling the trend!

I love this camera stamp!  It is so cute!

I love being inspired by my supplies.  This page was created because of the badges that reminded me of my girl.  Being so inspired makes creating fast and super fun.

Evalicious supplies used:

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~ Corrie

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