Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love You to Pieces Mini | Theresa

While building this mini, I broke 2 nails, somehow bruised a knuckle (????), and ended up with a blue thumb.  I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went places I didn't plan on - and loved it - because of this journal.  The huge variety in pages, the healthy collection of badges, tags, and extras... made me look like a rock star to my family.  *love*

And love (and how I show it) is what this mini is all about.  Specifically it's about the weekend I spent cooking for my family as part of their Christmas gift from me to them.  It's also partly a love note to my oldest son, as he ended up becoming a kitchen elf for a day and gave me some unexpected - and much appreciated - help. 

Here's a sneak peek inside this mini.  Enjoy!

Rock candy... nothing says love like boiling sugar!
Who knew you could write on those cool glassine envelopes with a Sakura Pigma pen?????  Coolness!
I asked Jake to write in this mini... and although it made me nervous, it's going to be a great memory!
A little extra doodling and some perfect tags make this one of my favorite pages.
Oh wait.  Maybe this is my favorite page.  Can't hate on the bacon!  LOL

The arrow stamp made a great label for my rub ingredients.
Okay, I'm hungry all over again!
Eve put a lot of pockets in this mini - I loved tucking my recipes from the weekend into them.
Another fun pocket, and I've used the arrow stamp for a label and as banners.
I hope you get your hands on this mini and fill it with the ways you show love for your family... or maybe you have a kitchen elf that deserves some extra appreciation.
Whatever you do with this mini, don't forget to post your work in our Evalicious Flickr pool here. We will be selecting a project that catches our eyes every few weeks and award the artist with a gift card code to spend in the shop!

- Theresa


alissa said...

amazing mini, theresa!
i love this!!! :)

Viv said...

This is awesome!!!! Love it :)

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