Friday, January 18, 2013

Perpetual Reminder Calendar | Inspiration

Happy New Year!  Now, I don't usually make resolutions, but I do spend a little time thinking about the year-that-has-been and the year-to-come.  What was great?  What was not-so-great?  And what do I want to do about it?  Well, I'll be honest (and I hope my mom isn't reading this) and tell you that one of the not-so-great things is remembering to mail cards.  I'm great at making them and sending them randomly, but on a schedule?  Um, no.  So don't tell my mom that her birthday took me by surprise TWO YEARS IN A ROW.  Horrible. *oops*

That's where this little baby is going to come into my life and make me look like a hero:

It's an accordion file with 12 pockets... one for each month.  Each pocket holds a perpetual calendar so I can write the events I want to remember on the correct date.  No more fumbling with the whole dubious memory thing.  No more digging around in my purse for that post-it note.  No more being less-than-stellar!  At least... on the birthday card front.  I'll do better this year, mom, I promise.  *love*

Evalicious goodies made these little calendar tags super cute and super quick to put together.
Completely open.  It just makes me smile.  :)  Oh, and see that mustache badge button on the May tab?  That's in honor of my (furry) husband.  That's his birthday month.  *love*
If you make a mini... consider signing it.  And if you sign it... Evalicious stamps make great little labels.
Stamp it, layer it, button badge it... it's all Evalicious goodness!
So what do you think?  Ready to be a hero, too?  Or maybe you can think of something else that would be great to use for 4x6 tags (gee, I wonder what else comes in 4x6... hmmm).  Come back on Monday and I'll teach you how to make this mini and give you some pointers on how I stamped that super awesome typewriter image!

Here are the Evalicious goodies I used, with links so you can find them:
Feeling inspired to dive into some great Evalicious products, too?  Well, when you do, don't forget to post your work in our Evalicious Flickr pool here. We will be selecting a project that catches our eyes every few weeks and award the artist with a gift card code to spend in the shop!

- Theresa


Barbara Ferguson said...

CUTENESS!! Can't wait till Monday's blog post!

Keshet said...

So cute!

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