Thursday, February 14, 2013

About Shipping & Shop Policies | Business

Hi everyone, sorry to have to bore you with this post but I'm just getting way too many of these emails and I'm very limited on the time I have to devote to this little shop that's run by mainly me.

So here goes about shipping and your packages. Please read if you plan to make a purchase from me or have in the past...

- orders are shipped via the most economical route (no tracking) so please do not ask for a tracking number because I can't provide one unfortunately. My policies state that if you want an upgrade, you can contact me before making a purchase. An upgrade unfortunately makes your order more expensive and not worthwhile to purchase.

- shipping usually takes about 6-10 business days to Canada/USA/international. Day one starts the first business day after shipping label is printed. This timeframe is really really reliable but it's not guaranteed.

- please make sure you check into the email account that you have attached with paypal because once a package ships, Paypal sends you a notification on my behalf. That's proof that your package is off.

- 100% of the times that I've been contacted about a package not showing up, it usually ends up showing up that same week. If you've received news that your package is off, please start counting the days and give it a full 30 days before contacting me about your "no show" package. It's not worth getting all worked up over! And plus, I can't make a claim with my post office until the 30 days is up.

- when you do contact me, PLEASE forward me the Paypal email confirmation that was sent to you when you made your purchase. This saves me a ton of time and you will get a faster reply from me. Why? Because I'll know right away when/what you ordered from me without having to sort through all my shop order emails OR log on to Paypal to find yours.

- your order ships via Canada Post and has been 99.9% reliable since I've opened shop in 2008. That's really reliable! Usually when a package doesn't make it, it's not Canada Post's fault and is usually the destination country's - "no such person at this address" or "address doesn't exist". I can only recall maybe 2-3 of these since I've opened shop. That's pretty good for a shipping method without tracking.

- if you have any concerns about your packages even though you've read and understood all the above to please contact me before going to Paypal about it because I can settle it much faster than they can! I pride myself in really really good customer service - I'm super grateful you choose to spend your hard earned money in my shop and I always to do my best to get these goods out to you as fast as I'm able to and make sure you are happy!

****I'm crossing my fingers you are okay with the above info but if you do not agree with the above and basically how I run my shop, I'd rather you not order from me so that we can save each other some headache (as much as I hate to say it).

PLEASE NOTE: shop is still currently closed - just dealing with Paypal fluff.


Sandra said...

Sound fair to me, thanks for sharing this information with everyone.

chemgirl said...

I love your shop!!! Sounds like people just wish their orders would show up on their door the minute they hit "buy." and wouldn't that be something!? I think you do a great job, and I have always been happy, happy to get my little Canada Post package!

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